Black Eyed Peas Fergie at Ferguson Crest Winery“Take a look at my family crest, and you will find a boar’s head, an ancient symbol of hospitality,” says the iconic pop superstar Fergie (Stacy Ferguson), of Grammy-winning Black Eyed Peas fame. As the co-founder of Ferguson Crest Winery in Solvang, California alongside her father Pat, Fergie expressed her desire to bring a different flavor to the wine industry, and that is precisely what Ferguson Crest offers. The winery’s varietals are just as unique as they are attractive, and the winery’s surroundings make the experience that much sweeter and more memorable.

Based in the California wine country of the Santa Ynez Valley, nested in the hills of Solvang, the winery offers an exquisite wine collection, including two Viogniers, one Cabernet and one Syrah. In addition, it has the ambiance that any wine lover would approve of, and it epitomizes what Fergie is all about: character, individuality and surprise, which, of course, heightens the winery’s appeal.

Indeed, the success of Ferguson Crest can be attributed to Fergie’s high-profile status, but the wine “Fergalicious” is one of the many reasons that Ferguson Crest is already so deeply respected and popular in the area. It has even captivated Oprah’s attention! Oprah wasted no time letting the world know how fond she was of the winery after a recent visit to Solvang to sample some of Ferguson Crest’s delectable wines in their place of origin. Fergalicious is just one of the many wines that Ferguson Crest has to offer.

Unlike a lot of other wineries, Ferguson Crest was built from the ground up right here in Solvang.  Fergie and her family planted their first basket of grapes on one acre in 2007. It took only five years for that first basket of grapes, on one acre, to turn into the now 6-acre Ferguson Crest vineyard, which is entirely dedicated to harvesting grapes and producing delightful wines. With a family’s bond and pure determination Fergie’s aspiration to produce a line of wines that anyone could appreciate is one of the top reasons to enjoy winemaker Joey Tinsley’s creations from Ferguson Crest. This winery is all about delivering a unique product of excellent quality, and that is precisely what it does with all of its wines.

If you’re visiting the Santa Ynez Valley, consider adding some of Solvang’s own Ferguson Crest wines to your tasting list for a well-rounded and full-bodied experience. To make your visit even more memorable, consider staying at one of our Solvang vacation rentals!