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Holding Hands on Romantic Date

The Ancient Greek language makes a distinction within the concept of love leading to the use of four different words for love: éros, philía, storge, and agápe. Éros is defined as an intimate sort of love, philía is an “affectionate regard” often found within friendships, storge the natural and immediate love one finds with family, while agápe is a universal love, one of charity, goodwill, and benevolence. Agápe is giving love for the sake of giving love, without an expectation of it’s return. Thomas Aquinas further explained it as “to will the good of another.”

Bouquet of Roses

Éros, romantic love, is often the focus of upcoming Valentine’s Day. This day dedicated to romantic love is an opportunity to recognize and honor the bond between partners, and it’s the perfect excuse to steal away for a few romantic days in the country with the one you love. Our guests who will be staying with us for this special weekend will be treated to a few sweet surprises of the chocolate variety upon their arrival. We have also designed an array of services in the hopes of providing a sense of ease and indulgent luxury to our valued guests. These services include, but are not limited to, floral arrangements, on-site couples massage, and an intimate dinner for two prepared on-site by a local chef. We are also more than happy to help arrange any “grand gestures” in the name of love, perhaps a proposal in a hot air balloon thousands of feet above our beloved Valley?

Hot Air Balloon Over the Valley

While we at Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals wholeheartedly believe in celebrating éros, we also believe strongly in the practice of agápe daily. Our friends at Zella Woods have incorporated the two kinds of love in their design of a “loved” cuff bracelet. It’s truly a double whammy of love in that it makes a beautiful gift for your loved ones, and also acts in the name of charity. In fact, $10 from every loved item purchased through February 14th will be donated directly to The Trade Foundation. The Trade “has done tremendous things over the years to raise Cambodian women up out of sex trafficking, provide training and education in haircutting, hairstyling and makeup, and offer new life to women who have suffered unimaginable heartache.”

Zella Woods Love Cuff in Black & White