For many of us, our pets are extensions of our own families. When we think “family vacation” we don’t envision it any other way than with our furry friends by our sides. If you are planning a vacation to the Santa Ynez Valley, we have several vacation rental houses that allow pets (see below). Here are our top 4 tips for vacationing with your pets!

The following are our vacation rental homes in the Santa Ynez Valley that allow pets:

The Car Ride – If you are driving to your vacation destination, and your pet is not car-savvy just yet, consider taking them on progressively longer car rides for errands and such to get them acclimated to riding in a car. Make sure you bring the pet carrier and/or seatbelt harnesses for your pet(s) to secure them for the duration of the ride for your safety and theirs. Never, ever, ever leave your pets in hot car, especially with the windows closed.

Pet Travel Tips on VacationTraveling – Plan to make plenty of stops for potty breaks, water breaks and time to stretch and romp for a while to burn off excess energy. Dogs are mobile creatures filled with energy, and long car rides can be hard on them without breaks to be normal dogs once in a while.

What to Pack – Bring food and water dishes, as well as food and jugs of distilled water or water from your hometown. Bring an extra leash and collar in case anything happens to them, and bring dog tags for both your home address and the address of your vacation rental home or the palce you’re staying. Bring vet records in case you have an emergency arise. Bring some toys or other comfort items from home. Bring plastic bags, old dog towels and other supplies to clean up after pets. Don’t forget your pet’s medications!

While on Vacation – Remember to find out the nearest veterinarian and emergency veterinary clinic to where you’re staying. In the Santa Ynez Valley there are pet hospitals in Santa Ynez, Solvang, Ballard, Lompoc and Santa Barbara. Make sure your pet gets lots of exercise time, and remember that tired pets are happy pets.

With spring already well underway and summer horizon, we hope you are planning many vacations in the coming months to enjoy with your canine companions. Tons of attractions, wineries and vineyards, parks and other activities in the Santa Ynez Valley allow and even encourage pets. I would argue that the Santa Ynez Valley is one of the best pet-friendly vacation destinations in the country.

Please contact Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals if you need any advice or guidance on booking a pet-friendly vacation home in the Santa Ynez Valley!